Patient Information

A private medical clinic in Newry.


Covered by Private Health Insurance?

If you intend to use your Health Insurance you should:-

  • Obtain a pre-authorisation code or and/or a claim form for your appointment
  • Ensure that your policy will cover all costs of your treatment
  • Give our receptionist your Insurance details including policy number, authorisation code.
  • Be aware that if all costs are not covered by your policy any outstanding balances are your responsibility.
  • Newry Private Clinic can not be held responsible for non payment of claims made to your insurance company

Are you paying for your appointment or treatment yourself?

We ask you to note the following:-

  • Theatre procedures – this fee will be billed by the hospital where your procedure was performed. The Consultant’s fee will be sent from the Newry Clinic.
  • For Outpatient treatment or tests, Clinic and Consultant’s fees will be invoiced together, please obtain approximate costs for Clinic fees from the Clinic.
  • Payment of all fees issued by the Clinic will be due on the day of your appointment

Payment by Associations or Organisations

Where treatment is to be paid by an Association or Organisation, the patient must obtain a letter of authority from the payer accepting full responsibility for the cost of the treatment.

R.O.I. Patients
Patients who wish to use their private health care insurance are advised to contact the Newry Clinic regarding exclusions in terms and conditions set by individual insurance companies.